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Welcome to yungeshops, use our portable outdoor movie projector to create your own movie theater at home. Very suitable for educational purposes, classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, presentations, weddings, birthdays, outdoor movies, home theaters, etc. I hope that customers who buy from us can feel happy and satisfied with our products.

Portable LED mini Projector

Experience At your Home during Quarantine! The Tiniest HD Portable LED mini Projector LEDPRO™ is a complete home entertainment system with an upgraded LED technology that displays clear and sharp images while putting less stress on the eyes than a standard back-light screen. Its compact form factor allows you to carry it everywhere you go and build your own theatre room instantly. Occasions are endless: for family movie night, in the comfort of your bed, a great tool for a business meeting, education of children...


Outdoor Projector Screen (Up to 150 Inches)

The Portable Projector Screen is ideal for presentation on the go! It is available in different size variations to suit your needs. It is lightweight and very easy to carry. Create your own movie theater at home with our Portable Outdoor Movie Projector Screen. Perfect for educational purposes, classrooms, offices, conference rooms, presentations, weddings, birthdays, outdoor movies, home theater and more. Watch your favorite movie, TV series and sports game on the big screen. Easy to install, it features convenient holes on the side that allow for easy hanging anywhere. Delivers a clean surface, optimized to show a crisp and clear projection. It's also highly portable, just fold it and put it inside your bag.


Portable Mini Projector

It has never been so easy and fun to watch your favorite films anytime, anywhere. Take Your Best Portable Mini Projector anywhere you want and level up your movie nights With The Home Theatre Projector mood !



Sell high-quality projectors. It is suitable for office, teaching, and gathering. There are portable projectors and high-definition quality projectors. You can choose from several kinds of projectors, the main ones are affordable, quickly shipped, and delivered to you.
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